Monday, October 25, 2010

Zombies Invade London!

After the strange appearance of ghostly figures in London Soho, we discovered a few more strange events have taken place. A disused guillotine appeared in the square and a crypt seemed to have worked its way out of the ground.

Upon closer inspection of the crypt we discovered it was open and no body could be found inside! Around 8pm UK tonight we began to hear eerie sounds coming from the area, distant moans and the sounds of scraping, as if something was being dragged across the ground. But with the club opening in an hour we had to put these strange events aside and concentrate on the task at hand.

Shortly after 9pm UK, bar soho had opened and we were all having a great time. The atmosphere was broken as the sounds from the crypt began to get louder and louder. Then, without warning, the first of the Zombie began to appear! We armed ourselves and sat out to defend the district against the most unholy of undead. The initial battled lasted only a few minutes, but then wave upon wave of zombies began to emerge. We fought well into the night as people partied in bar soho, only mildly disturbed by the strange phenominon.

It doesn't appear the zombies will be going away anytime soon, so arm yourself and come have a good old fashioned shoot em up!

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