Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Merchants of Mainland London - Rett Gentil

I sat down with a long-standing merchant with London Soho, Ms Rett Gentil earlier this week.

Zach: Why did u decide to start a shop?

Rett: I came to SL almost five years ago, with some knowledge of building, in another virtual world, I even taught building. When I came to SL, I was very taken with the idea of designing clothes.

Zach: What does your shop sell and where do you get your inspirations?

Rett: I sell women's clothes that are sexy, but still classy. I design everything from scratch, including some textures, but not all. I like to design clothes that I would wear.

Zach: What advise do you have for aspiring designers in SL?

Rett: Photoshop is a very important program for designers, I went out and bought the book, "Photoshop for Dummies" and learnt from scratch. I have my own very successful business in RL, so as soon as I had a few dresses, I rented a tiny store.
I made enough money to cover the rent, since I have always believed in personal service. If someone wants to see how a dress looks, I will model it for her.
I design my clothes for the woman who wants to look well dressed. I also do a bit of fantasy. I have two Cowgirl outfits that are wildly popular. Also, I have a British schoolgirl outfit that sold well too.

Zach: What made u decide on having a store in London Soho?

Rett:I think Torric invited me to come see Soho. I felt really welcome and warm when I was there. I felt I had always been a part of London Soho. I absolutely love London Soho. Billy built my store, and it was wonderful.

Zach: What do you have to say to people wanting to rent and start a shop?

Rett:The first thing I look at, when I am thinking about a new store is the traffic. It is of utmost importance Secondly, There is the amount of rent to consider. Also, what kinds of attractions are going to draw people into the Sim.

I like that the owners of the Sim are going to be personally involved in settling merchants in. I also like to look at the architecture of the stores, and how many prims are allowed. I also like to be allowed to customize the interior colors, and the floors.

The writer, Zachary Zufreur is the Owner of SACHI Luxury Group, at MainLand London, London West End.

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