Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mainland London / London City Celebrates SL8B!

We are delighted to have been invited to participate in SL8B, Second Life's 8th Birthday celebration.

Participants in this years event were asked to create something that conveys the Magic of Second Life.

What could be more magical that a recereation of the real life London as only Mainland London could do! The focus of our exhibit is the City Of London Festival and is a must see!

SL8B opens to the public on 20th June but you dont have to wait that long to get a peek at Mainland London's feature, just have a look at the video below filmed by Regent:

Mainland London is located on the region of London City, and our exhibit is located on the SL sim of Impressive. Visit us in London City now and be sure to check out the exhibit when it opens!

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  1. Regent is looking mighty fine in that video - eat you heart out, Hugh Hefner.


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