Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Press Release For Mainland London

** Press  Release ** 8th June 2011


Due to the overwhelming success of Mainland London and the sheer volume of residents  wishing to visit London Soho at peak times, we have decided to move to a full Private Island Region.  This will allow up to  100 avatars to visit us at the same time.

The new region is named “London City” and is an exact copy of the Mainland London based on Mephilo Tor, that you have come to know and love.

This move to  a private region also allows us to make some superb modifications that will enhance the immersive experience of London, including, terraformed land, sim water and lakes, off-sim exhibits and features such as London Zoo.

Another benefit,  is that no one will be able to buy land nearby without our express permission, immediately putting an end to the unacceptable, shady business tactics we have recently witnessed by Agent Provocateurs. 
We will do our utmost to make sure that this transition is as easy as possible for everyone by providing new landmarks and advertising.  We shall continue to run the existing Mephilo Tor sim for a time whilst everyone gets acclimated to the new London City Region.

The Mainland London brand name will continue, but our new title will be the same as the sim title, “London City”, which you will be able to Map and Teleport directly to.   The new estate will be built on the ground, so teleporting will become much easier. Residents can “Map” London and Click the first destination they see in the list and arrive in Soho.

London City is open for public access throughout the building phase, but please bear in mind that we won’t be open for business until 1st July and that events will continue on Mephilo Tor until that date.

Thank you everyone for making Mainland London so immensely successful and we look forward to welcoming you to the new protected Private Estate.

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