Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Platinum Dance Club at The London Palladium

Introducing the latest attraction to London City, The Platinum Dance Club, where everyone has a job!

We are excited to be able to offer an employement opportunity for all residents. 

Many new residents want to work as hosts in clubs and this is an excellent starting place if you want to work in Second Life in return for a wage.

Residents new and old can work as dancers in Club Platinum and take home 75% of all tips earnt,  the rest goes to "the house" for upkeep.   All you need to do to join as a dancer is click the "Start Now" board inside the club.

Platinum Dance Club is divided into two sections, one for male dancers and one for female dancers.
Dancers will chat with visitors and make them feel welcome in return for tips.

As with all jobs, some dancers will earn better than others depending on their personality, Avatar look and attitude.  The more you engage the visitors, the more you are likely to earn.  (Bots found to be camping the venues will be removed and visitors are encouraged to only tip dancers who are active).

London City is committed to helping residents find their first paying jobs in Second Life.
If dancing and hosting is not for you,  how about being an Open Mic entertainer on a Sunday from 1pm PDT in Compton's Pub.  Earn tips for music, comedy and other cabaret!

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