Friday, August 17, 2012

London City Estate Expands


It has always been our policy that we only expand the estate as each region becomes totally self-sufficient and self reliant.

We are delighted to announce London City3 has achieved this goal and as we pride ourselves on being consumer led, the region has been upgraded to a full Adult region.

This compliments the most popular region inSL, London City (Soho) and is an exciting beginning to a new expansion phase for The London City Estate.

During August we began to extensively rebuild and restructure Victoria (London City3), with a focus on Adult nightlife, activities, dating and hookups.

London City3 currently features JUICED Nightclub, The Crown (& Anchor) Pub, Striptease at The Palladium, a Private Hotel, Adult Hub and the Russell Square Freebie Subway.

Although redevelopment of this region is still not quite completed, we hope that you will enjoy the facilities that are already up and running and return for an enriched experience as the building work concludes and the development cycle begins.

JUICED - An Adult Themed Night club, with a different themed interior each time you visit, is open daily from 2.30pm SL (10.30pm UK) Our premier Adult club is the ideal place to meet singles and those up for fun.

The Crown - British Pub for those looking to score, with communal facilities and private rooms. Open all day and staffed from 12pm SL weekdays.
The Palladium Striptease -  Watch and meet Exotic Dancers in one of London's oldest theatres.
Become a dancer yourself by having the group active. Logon to a tip hat and dance on the poles and start earning immediately.

Our sincerest thanks to our visitors, patrons, merchants and team for making this possible.  We hope you will all join us for a launch party during Bank Holiday Weekend (25-27th August!).

Visit London City: Victoria here

We believe this to be proof of concept as the original video published in October 2011 demonstrates (and attached for posterity).

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Eveshka Blackheart said...

Wooohooo! this is awesome! can't wait to check it out xxx