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The Weekend Review 10-12 August 2012

Hey, hey hey London City whatsup? Well, I never thought it would happen,  (some are thankful it has), ... I'm totally speechless!!! Did you see all the events in London City this weekend? O.M.G what a blast we had, 3 full sims of pure enjoyment,  if I didn't have pictures to prove it  , you would never believe me!!

So, let me get on with it and tell you all about it.

Friday 10th August 2012

TGIF!!! RL, today dragged on, waiting for the clock to hit home-time, waiting to login to SL, and most importantly into London City, The Top Destination is Second Life!! I've heard rumours,in darkened corners, that some people log-in to SL, and get bored because there's nothing to do??? What?  They obviously haven't found London City.... we have so much going on everyday in our sim's people literally queue to get in!
When Friday rolls around, the best place to head to is Substation, Roy and his team are rearing to go, to start your weekend with a bang! playing  music you can sing along to, in  fun, quirky surroundings, it's time to meet your friends, win some lindens, have fun chat and dancing

Then on to Bar Soho

Bar Soho

Bar Soho is a great place, playing all the latest hits, in swanky surroundings, echoing the real Soho in London. This really is a fantastic night out not to be missed, Dj willy on hand to play the great tunes and Katty your fun host that keep the mood light and fun  :) just one of the Dj Host combinations that work so well together keeping Bar Soho one of the most popular clubs in Second  Life.

Madame Lala's

Then on to Madame Lala's.

This week the club's event was best in fetish... Oo La La we saw some sights lol  Dj Fierce spinning the eclectic bunch of tunes  and myself hoisting, this is always the best fun, non stop giggles from start to finish in a club that welcomes everyone, anything and everything goes.

Regents Park Martians

Saturday 11 August 2012

The chances of anything coming from Mars was a million to one they said....

The eve of the war, The Martians have landed on Earth... In London City, even they have heard what a great night out it is with us.
Regents Park

Abruptly, the sound ceased...

Helvis Xue

Helvis Xue

Later, no stranger to  London City, the awesome talented Helvis Xue, only singing LIVE, to a mass audience  on the Olympic stage in Regents Park, Helvis sings songs from his hero Elvis, but also ( get this ) he sings more contemporary songs with an Elvis twist, it's just like the King is still with us.

His voice is flawless, and he enjoys some cheeky banter with the audience who love him to bits. That's why he returns time and time again back to London City to perform for all his adoring  fans here.

Party people, came in their hundreds to sing and dance with Helvis, the stage was set, it had a fantastic Las Vegas Feel.  What a great night.

Later, we hot foot it round to Juiced, our fantastic themed night club, a new night, a new theme, a new décor, that's right,every night the club takes on a new look, and tonight is no exception, best in tattoo's, so the club was transformed into a tattoo shop complete with inking chair's and tattoo's you could pick from, this was an awesome night everyone turned up inked to the max, fun times!!

Sunday 12th August 2012

As always, our very own Angel of Mercy, Bailey Saxmundham, takes pity on the partied out people from the previous night, and eases us gently back into the land of the living, playing us the best in easy listening tunes at Madame Lala's. Thank heavens for small mercies :)

Usually we head to Substation for a right knees up, but tonight we head back to Regents Park, yet another night of history in the making, it's the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, so Substation was held in the Park Roy hosted as Bailey played the tunes, people flocking in to be part of the celebrations, ready for the ceremony to start.

9pm rolled round, and the whole Real Life event was being beamed into Regents Park,

Wow the wonders of technology, how awesome. and what a night, we saw images portraying the hustle and bustle of London Living. Artists from the Uk, singing the songs we can all rememeber. George Michael , The Spice Girls, Stomp, all simply wondeful and all viewed from the number #1 venue in Second Life.

Then on to Juiced for best in Vampire

The club was transformed into a dark Gothic Vampire Castle, there was a river of blood as the dance floor, spine chilling stuff.

See, I told ya :) so that's it from me this week, I'll see you through the week fun more fun and games.

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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