Sunday, June 02, 2013

DX Exchange Official UK HQ in London City

We are pleased to announce that DX Exchange, Authorised Reseller of Linden Dollars is back in London City, resuming its sponsorship of Events throughout the estate.

Earlier in the month all third party resellers were forced to suspend their businesses as Linden Lab changed Terms of Service so that only the Lindex could trade in Linden Dollars and eliminated all other competition in one sweep.   This meant an end to shopping around for Best Rates with one flat exchange rate for all, no matter how much it was!

Something happened at the top and Linden Lab had a change of heart and asked for applications to become official resellers, which DX Exchange is now.  DX is authorised by Linden Lab to trade in the sale of Linden Dollars.   This is good news for everyone as it means that competitive rates should keep pounds (or dollars) to linden conversions at favourable rates because once again there is competition to provide best value.

DX Exchange in London City re-opens its doors on Monday morning.  Be sure to visit the DX Exchange Official UK Headquarters and take advantage of some astonishing deals for the purchase of Linden Dollars.  With more flexible ways to purchase Linden Dollars, than the Lindex, including (but not limited to) buying Lindens via a phone call, DX Exchange offers the complete solution to purchasing money for use in Second Life.

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