Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Hey London  City, how  you doin? What have  you been  up to?
Tell me everything  and  don't skip  bits!!
So...ask me then ....!!

Well,  let me  tell  you, are  you sitting comfortably ?  Then  I shall begin...

If  you don't already  ready  know,  London  City  is  the  number 1 destination  in  SL, week  in and  out  our ratings  go  through  the  roof. and  that's  down  to our  awesome  staff, and  you , yes  you all our regular, loyal, friends.

Each weekend  we host a LIVE,  FREE,  open air concert,  for  everyone  to  enjoy.

Week after  week, we have  the  best  entertainment,  that  you  love,  with live artists, and great contest's dancing,  fun banter and  custom built stage and  surroundings.

This week was no exception,  Celebrating  Carnival  month, brightly coloured, we heard  a "Beautiful  Noise" as our special  guest took to  the stage. We sang along to a "Song  Sung  Blue"  .... do  you  know  who it was ???

That's  right!! Neil  Diamond  Came to  London  City  to sing his socks  off.

Born Neil  Leslie  Diamond, January 1941, in  USA.
Neil's career started  in 1960,and since has  sold  over 125 million records, considered to be in  the top 3 most successful recording artists  worldwide.

What a great  night, fun, fun, fun  all  the way... but what  do  you expect ? This  Is  LONDON CITY! woohoo plus a huge amount of lindens to be won, what a fantastic  night.

**PLUS** an  unexpected and some  may  say  unwanted ( but  you  didn't  hear  that from  me )
warm up from  our  own  Ruby  Babylon.

All in all  we had an awesome  night, with  friends  old and  new.

That's  all  form  me  this week,  I'll  see you next  time for more fun and  frolics in  London City...accept  no  imitations. xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby  xxx

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