Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Fabulous London City Weekend Review

Well  hello  people,  how  the heck  are  you?

Did  you come  join us for a fantastic weekend  in  London  City ?

Seems  most  people  did, and why not  we are  the  most awesome  destination  in SL.

We make waves while  others try to make a ripple.

So...Saturday  night... there's  only  one  place to be .... London City of  course,  this is where  the cool  kids  hang....We always  have a bumper  night  of  fun  lined up  for you ....

This week  was no exception!!!

Mika  in concert... singing  in Regents  Park for all to enjoy ... yes ALL... a free, LIVE, open  air  concert , all you  need to do  is turn  up  (early too coz  it gets packed)

Mika,  born Michael  Holbrook  Penniman Jr, in  Beirut  on  August 18th 1983.

His  first album "Life  In A  Cartoon Motion" was released  in  2007, and sold  over 2.5 million copies world  wide.

This is  the second  time  Mika has appeared  in  London  City, and  I'm  sure  it wont be  the last.

Carrying  on  our month  long  Carnival  Theme,  the stage was set, ( a custom built stage made by  our  own  Billy  Arentire ) We had a  "Life  Of  The  Party" contest, where some  lucky resident  could win  a huge amount of lindens ... imagine  that, a great time and  win some  money...

Here we see some  of  the great party  people doing  "The Conga" what a hoot!!!

And  here, the die hard conga-ers still doing  it at 6am :O

( sometimes I wish  RL was more  like  SL lol  )

Though it doesn't bode well, walking past a drain cover in  RL and  thinking "oh, a teleport pad" ... is  that a sign  of too  much SL? lol  don't be daft  how  can  there be such a thing as too  much  SL !

Especially when  there is  a great place to chill - out  in such as  London City... it has everything  you could  possibly need in a 4 sim space, we cater to every need and taste.

If  you haven't already given  us a try, what you waiting for,  get ya party trousers on and  get over here...

You will  NOT be disappointed,  come meet our awesome staff, and make some new friends with  our fantastic regular residents,  London  City  is  a  thriving, bustling, community, there is always  something  happening (just like  RL  London) always  something  to do.

And  it  doesn't stop  there,  we always keep up  with RL  life events,  so people from abroad can  get  that London Feeling, without  leaving  their  chair... FAB!!!

Well  thats all from  me  this week.

I'll see you next time for  more fun and  frolics in  the  most wonderful  place  in SL.. London City... accept  NO imitations xxx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

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