Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lotus Mood AO HUD by Abranimations

Abranimations has released an AO complete with moods and expressions.

What an amazing and unique product this is for those of us who enjoy Animation Overrides.

Abramelin Wolf, creator of Lotus AO and CEO of Abranimations writes, This HUD uses all the latest scripting functions to create a low lag AO with lots of cool features. The AO allows you to setup all your regular animations as well as create themed groups of walks and stands that can be activated instantly at the click of a button. It also has a series of special features built in to offer advanced functionality including a swimmer device with realistic water physics. There are over a hundred animations included in the Mood HUD that we created in our 24 camera motion capture studio by recording the motion of real life performers.

When you choose a particular mood, the theme of that mood runs throughout your stand, walk, run and sits, complete with accompanying facial animations.

If I choose 'scared', I fidget, my hands twitch nervously and come up to my face, my knees tremble and my face takes on a frightened appearance. As I walk, my steps are smaller and my legs are slightly bent to make me appear very timid.

When I pick 'confident' as my mood, my stand is with my shoulders out straight, I swagger left and right a little, a self-satisfied expression comes on my face and when I walk, I take bold and assertive steps.

When I am 'angry', I become quite menacing.  My face and eyes clearly show my fury and my stand pose is aggressive.  I shake my fists and wander around in a barely contained rage.  My walk is with my back straight, shoulder and arms out as square as they can me to emphasise that no one should mess with me.

'Elated' is my favourite mood of the 12 themes incorporated into the hud. It goes way beyond the 'happy' emotion and has me grinning and jumping about doing a high 5 and when I walk I hop around unable to conceal my utter delight!

As with all Abranimation products, all poses, stands and walks are motion captured from real life performers to ensure absolute reality and fluid movement.
You can add your own animations and favourite poses to the product and tailor make your own moods.  So if you have a set of favourite stands and walks, you can encompass this into a mood without having to search them out in your inventory each time.  Similarly if your existing AO has a set of animations you want to keep, you can migrate them into your Neutral mood.
With over a hundred mo-cap fluid animations already built into this HUD, this is exceptionally good value for money and is a very finely crafted and smooth product.

The Mood HUD comes in male and female flavours and is priced at 1900L and is available in the London City Mainstore here:
As with all Abranimation products, you can try before you buy and sit on the poses in front of the vendor to see exactly what you will receive in your package.

Please see the video for information:

Abranimations sell plenty of other products, mo-cap dances and utilities too.  Check out the store in London City

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