Monday, January 06, 2014

Seaside Fishing At The Pier

What could be better than a day at the seaside? Fishing of course!

And fishing at the London City Seaside is second to none. Enjoy a leisurely day sat by the shore or enter into fierce competition on the pier. Just grab a pole and some bait from the 7Seas vendor and choose your spot.

London City Seaside features the always popular 7Seas Fishing game. Show off your Catch Of The Day because '...every pet you catch is wearable! No useless, high-prim, copyright-dodgy fish here -- everything you get can be used with your avatar. Be the life of the party with a school of guppies swirling around your head, or a cute little mermaid parked on your shoulder! Of course, not everything you catch is a pet... you might find valuable Salvage, which can be collected and converted via a Blueprint into a prize such as a boat, or a game, or more. Who knows what other secrets lurk in the oceanic depths..?'

The most popular Destination in Second Life, London City, brings you the most popular Holiday Destination, London City Seaside So grab your fishing gear and spend a day fishing, sunning, swimming and feasting on doughnuts and ice cream.

London City Seaside has exactly what you need to chase away those winter blues.

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