Friday, August 28, 2015

Second Life Premium - Equivalent of just 26p a month

It has to be said, the removal of VAT charges for those of us in Europe, is a huge incentive to encourage new Premium Members.

VAT is no longer charged for Premium Membership!

Second Life Monthly Premium Accounts, just got even better with a price reduction from $9.95 to $9.50 per month.

Let us break this down for residents in the UK, although of course it applies to all countries where VAT is charged.

Old Monthly Price $9.95 plus 20% VAT = $11.94   =  £7.74 per month

New Monthly $9.50  = £6.16 per month
Quarterly $22.50  (with VAT £17.50)  now without VAT £14.58
Annually $72.00 (with VAT £55.98) now without VAT £46.65

Also, you receive 300 L$ every week when you are a premium member.  This is the equivalent of £3.35 per month.

You also receive a one off 1000 L$ bonus, applied to your account after 30 days of being a Premium member worth £2.59

This is a total of  16,600 L$ that you will receive credited to your in-world balance over the course of the year, or in real money £43.56.

So if we take off the money you receive back from being a Premium Member, the equivalent monthy payments for a Premium account become:
Monthly   £2.53
Quarterly 97p
Annually 26p

Benefits of Premium Accounts:

A Linden Home -or- a 512 sq meter parcel for you to build on supporting 117 prims.
Expanded Support, now including Live Chat
Exclusive Activities including Dune Buggy Racing in Racer's Gulch
Free Premium member gifts
Access to Premium member only Sandboxes
Increase from 42 to 60 groups!
Increase from 25 to 50 offline messages!
Other offers and incentives offered constantly.

In conclusion,  If you regularly buy Linden Dollars for purchasing goods, it most definitely worth your while in upgrading your account because of all the added extras you get.  If you regularly purchase more than 1200 L$ in any given month, you could be missing out by not having a Premium Account!

You also significantly benefit all of Second Life.  Subscriptions bring in a regular income for Linden Lab and the team of Developers, but also places another 300 L$ into the virtual economy, per premium member, per week, ensuring that there is a healthy influx of new cash entering the grid on a regular basis.

 For more information and to check out the upgrade options, visit

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