Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Weekend Video

Here are the antics of Saturday night in the City.   Enjoy! (as usual, its hi-def, so click the cog to choose the quality that best suits).

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Anonymous said...

I was transfixed by this video - the music is hypnotic, and the whole effect of it is mesmeric. The surreal nature of London City was somehow encapsulated in this one - it may have been the juxtaposition of the dancing serpent lady with the Noob sitting on the little buggy next to a man in a leather jockstrap....or perhaps it was just the dancing baby.....or the sight of Torric surrounded by zombies. However you look at it, this one's got something for everyone. Truly a masterwork of grounded surrealism. Dali and Fellini would both have been proud, and maybe even a little envious.