Friday, October 09, 2015

Saturday: Hazel O'Connor - Breaking Glass Concert

A special treat this weekend for those of you who remember the 80's New Wave scene in the UK.

A hit film starring Hazel O'Connor and Phil Daniels, broke the box office in 1981.  The film was called Breaking Glass and charted the success of a post-Punk/New Wave singer 'Kate' from humble beginnings, singing in rowdy back street bars, to sudden super stardom and her eventual meltdown.

Hazel O'Connor wrote and performed all of songs from the movie and just like her character in the film, experienced a brief superstardom in the early 80s with songs, Black Man, Eighth Day,  If Only, Writing on the Wall, D-Days, Who Needs It and her most famous of all, Will You, which remained in the charts for 14 weeks.

Come and enjoy our live tribute show on Saturday 

The Party starts at 1pm SL (8pm UK).

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