Saturday, June 01, 2019

Lab reconsiders change to group limits for Basic Accounts

On 29th May, Linden Lab blogged some changes to Basic and Premium accounts.   You can see the original story we posted here.

Whenever there is a fee or feature modification, it is inevitable that some Residents will be displeased.  However one change in particular caused mass upset, and that was the proposed reduction of Groups for Basic accounts (from 42 to 35).

A few hours ago, the Lab reversed this specific change due to "strong and specific feedback".  Although offline messages will still reduce their cap from 25 to 15, the main cause of disquiet, the group reduction, will now remain unchanged.  Basic accounts will continue to be able to join up to 42 groups.

Premium members will still see their group limits increased from 60 to 70 and their capped offline messages raise from 50 to 80.

You can see the new official post here:

Fun fact.. As a premium member did you know that if you save your weekly 300L stipend, it would average out at US$60 a year.  These linden dollars can even be converted to US dollars and held on your account to offset next years Premium by that amount!   For information about Premium accounts see here:

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