Thursday, June 20, 2019

Second Life 16th Birthday

Second Life turns 16 years young this coming Sunday.  To celebrate, the annual celebrations begin today with SL16B.

Twenty regions have been dedicated to this event, five of which contain exhibits from Second Life's finest creators.

We're proud to announce that London City has again be chosen as an exhibitor this year, and our offering, built by Billy Arentire, Elise Banx  (with some meddling by Torric Rodas), is entitled, "If  the Brits Got into Space First".

We are not allowed to give any sneak previews, but SL16B opens today at 10am SL time (6pm UK time).   You can visit London City at SL16B here:

Although we cannot officially give any details, Linden Lab has created their own sneak preview video.. pay attention to the images at 33 to 35 seconds into the video :)

Happy Birthday Second Life!

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