Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bank Holiday Weekend coming...

Oh yes indeedy, its time for yet another long weekend in old Blighty.   There is nothing more we like than plenty of public holidays throughout the summer.  There is also a rumour of the government planning an extra holiday in October to make up for all the ones we have lost this year by staying indoors.

Please get rat assed responsibly
It has become much more difficult to work out who is still in lockdown and who is not.  The UK Government still advises you only go out for essentials and work (if you cannot work from home).  Socialising is still off-limits.  And yet thousands of people are flocking to the beaches, whilst visiting your family is still likely to get you pinched, especially if the police smell a wonderful barbecue wafting out of your back garden.

Here in London City, we hope that those of you still following the advice to be sensible, or those self-isolating, will enjoy three days of party Mayhem with us, kicking off on Friday at 1pm SL with Madame Lalas.

You don't have to be out in the real world to enjoy yourself and have a beer.  Look at this offer from Adsa,  goodness me, that's cheap!  So get online now and order some party grog for this coming weekend.

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