Sunday, September 27, 2020

Last night at the knees up


Saturday evening saw the magnificent Eurythmics in concert here at London City.  Today sees our Drag due, Coffee and Bailey at Substation from 11am SLT and Katty sprawled on the beach from 1pm SL.

For those of you concerned with my accident last night, where I slipped in my kitchen but managed to get the Johnny Walker glugging into the glass, mid-fall as I glided on the wet floor to my doom; my hangover is gradually fading.  I couldn't return the overfill of Johnny to the bottle, cos there was ice in the glass already.  Like a trooper and for King and Country, I drank it. Hence my predicament today.  True story, even though most of you thought it was a highly convenient accident.  It was a miracle.

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