Sunday, May 23, 2021

We was robbed.. 2021 edition

Italy's Maneskin wins Eurovision

It was neck and neck between the winning entry by Italian band, Foreskin, and the British entry, right up until voting started and it went downhill from there.

In many respects a couple of points would have been much more humiliating to us Brits, that the nil points we got from both the panel and the public.

No points at all, showed the Eurovision for what it is.. An utterly hysterical high camp comedy that we absolutely love, no matter how badly they treat us. 

That said, our participation clearly aggravates the bloc, so let us come back and try again next year. We should aim high and try to achieve minus points or sadistically torture them with Bonnie Tyler again.

Thank you for making it good fun again.  Thank you to Bailey, Katty and Billy for making the show possible.

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