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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Eurovision Song Contest the Video

As promised here is the video of last nights Virtual Eurovision Song Contest.
Our visitors chose Ireland as this years winners, with Greece coming second.  Even virtually UK did not do particularly well, coming fourteenth.  As ever 'we was robbed'.

Thank you to Bailey, Katty and AlexeyRoshall for their contributions in making this event a virtual reality.

 Video by AlexeyRoshall

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Eurovision - The Results!

Thank you so much to everyone who made this wonderful virtual Eurovision so much fun, especially to those of you who voted using our online system.

Special Thanks to Bailey and Katty for their sterling work with this event.

In 10th place - Iceland
In 9th place - Belgium
In 8th place - Australia
In 7th place - Armenia
In 6th place - Serbia
In 5th place - Russia
In 4th place - Albania
In 3rd place - Azerbaijan
In 2nd place - Greece
And our winner in 1st place - Ireland!

Eurovision 2020 - The Show Goes On in London City

This Saturday was to be the Eurovision Song contest, before it all got horribly cancelled like everything else on the planet.

However, you can still enjoy Eurovision 2020, exclusively in London City at 12pm SL (8pm UK) this coming Saturday! 

Before the live show got cancelled, the 40 songs from every country all over the globe, had been selected for this years contest, and with some jiggery pokery and some excellent research by Bailey, we will bring you the show that should have been.  We even have Pans People providing the glamour.

You, the audience in London City, will be invited to award points for your favourite artists and with the modern tabulating technology, we will be able to announce a winner at the end of the show!

For those of you who don't know what Eurovision is.. It is a singing contest that is so bad, it is great.
Traditionally and especially because UK took forever to leave the European Union, the UK ends up last with Nil points and the crowd usually boos us.  Invariably we come last every year, but that is all part of the fun.

It is a grizzly spectacle for the campest show on earth, and we are bringing it to you, live from London!

So set a date in your diary for this Saturday and come armed with pen and paper so you can award points.... or take them away!

The theme for the cash competition will be "Best in Your Country's Colour"

The show must go on!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Eurovision - We was robbed (as usual)

Last night was the Eurovision Song Contest.  A four hour show that overran as usual, ending at 12.15am in the UK.

So first off, congratulations to those of you who stayed with the show, here in London City for the full endurance.

Congratulations to the Netherlands, and Duncan Laurence for winning Eurovision 2019.

Commiserations to the UK and Michael Rice, who came last, as once again the usual two-fingers up to the Brits from the people on the continent prevailed.

If anyone deserved to come last, it was probably Madonna, for her astonishing 2 song act at half time.

Her live rendition of Like A Prayer, was an absolute shocker.  In the past she has been accused of miming, but this flat and wobbly performance was most definitely live.  We could tell!

Her second song had the auto-tune set at eleven, but even that could not save her.

Eurovision is a camp night out, a laugh not to be taken seriously.  It is however a trifle irksome that no matter what entry the UK sends to the show, for many years now, we come last, or just one up from the very bottom.

For the vengeful of you in the audience, remember there is a vote on this whole sorry mess, with the European elections this coming Thursday!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Eurovision Song Contest, Live from London City

World's End Pub is on the road tonight, broadcasting Live from the Eurovision Concert area in London City from 11am SL Time (7pm UK) then from 12pm SL time, we start the Eurovision show!

We'll play you a brief summary of the songs coming up tonight, a choice of best previous Euro entries, then the live show itself.

Throughout the show don't forget to vote Yes or No for each song and we will tabulate how London City has voted.  Our winners will be announced during the Half-Time Show, and the London City Players will perform as Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler.

Then its back to the live show for the winners.  Plus your chance to win 300L for best in your countries colours!

This year the live show can be seen worldwide on youtube:

We hope you can join us.  It all starts at 11am SL time.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Saturday: Eurovision Song Contest - Live in London City

On Saturday,  it is time for the Eurovision Song Contest again!  The show that is so bad, it is great!

This is the third Eurovision since Britain voted to leave the European Union (without leaving).  Last year they gave us a few points, to show there is no hard feelings.  This year, we're hanging around in Europe like a bad smell, so how will voters react?

You can enjoy the grizzly spectacle of the campest show on earth, The Eurovision Song Contest, in London City on Saturday.

From  12pm SL (8pm UK) get your space on the dance floor as we celebrate by-gone British entries, historic winners and then listen live to this year's hopefuls as they each croon their way into the inevitable oblivion that awaits them.

The half time show features previous Euro winners Brotherhood of Man and previous disaster, Bonnie Tyler!

Come and experience Eurovision, here in  London City, with all the entrants singing their fabulous songs and the good ole UK getting its usual 1 or 2 points.

The campest show on earth is here starting at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with a prize of 300L for Best in Your Countries Colours.

Don't miss it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Eurovision Replay of 2018 - We Was Robbed!

It's the Eurovision song contest on Saturday!

Here is a Eurovision replay.  This what happened last year..

[originally blogged 13 May 2018]

British entry SuRie, sang like a German band in a performance that was exciting for all the wrong reasons.  In the last minute of her song, what police describe as "a European citizen but not British", ran on to the stage snatching the singers microphone and appeared to shout, "Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom."

Apparently, this as yet unnamed scumbag, also invaded the stage in three similar incidents during the National Television awards, The Stephen Noland show and the final of last year's, The Voice.

Someone really should get his name and stop inviting him to these functions.

Although our entry was probably not the winning number of the night, it deserved to do a little better than it did, ending in 24th place, beating just Finland and Portugal.  To put this into perspective when  Bonnie Tyler represented us we came 19th, and with Engelbert we came 25th of 26.

Eurovision ceased to be anything about music a very long time ago. In fact a dreadful entry from Israel featuring an overweight Chinese lady at a Takeaway, scooped top prize by winning  the so-called popular vote, having been in an obscure place on the leader board only moments before.

We are used to losing this contest, and in recent years the BBC has twice played canned cheering when our contestants take to the stage to drown out the booing in the auditorium.  So although we never expect to win due to political reasons (ie the rest of EU not liking us for Brexit), we always have fun at this event and the indignation we suffer each year, is actually just part of the cabaret that is Eurovision.

We had a terrific evening in London City, enjoying old Eurovision acts Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler during the intermission as we collectively watched the Live show, whilst sucking our teeth.  Hope you enjoyed it too!

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Eurovision 2018

Next Saturday, 12th May, it is the Eurovision Song Contest!

Enjoy the Live show, the past winners show, Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler, plus the Live voting, here in London City from 12pm SL times, (8pm UK).

Wear your country's colours with pride and cheer on your team!

This is the erm.. fantastic British Entry..  will it win? :-\

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Eurovision: For Once, We Weren't Robbed

Congratulations to Portugal who led throughout the voting and won the contest.

What a highly entertaining Eurovision it was and thank you to everyone who packed out London City last night. You came to party and bear witness the UK's expected decimation in perhaps our last Eurovision before we exit the European Union.

To everyones surprise, the UK did better than it has in many many years, with our entry by Lucy Jordan.

Brotherhood of Man performing during half time at London City

Voting is always a bit strange in this contest, with each country awarding points in the traditional manner used for centuries.  But then, the somewhat suspicious pile-on telephone votes at the end, that suddenly award a few hundred points here and there and can catapult a country from last place, to first place.

When the countries had finished voting, UK was in 8th place, our highest ranking this millennium. It was surprising to see that bottom of the board was Spain with nil points (keep your hands off Gibraltar) and Germany who received no votes until the last moment when they picked up 3 points from Ireland (who are pissed off with England about this border business post-Brexit).

Although the telephone voting skewed the end results for many of the countries, Germany and Spain remained the resounding losers of the night.

And UK, although not winning, did far better than in decades, either picking up some sympathy votes at the cost of the Germans, or a bit of admiration for our intended future.

All in all, one of the most enjoyable Eurovision's in a long time.  Thank you for being part of it.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Our tip for Eurovision

Keep an eye on Romania's entry "Yodel It" and if you fancy a flutter, Paddy Power is offering 40-to-1 on this winning!

We'll post the full schedule for today on this blog in a few hours, so check back!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Eurovision Song Contest Excitement

The annual Eurovision Song Contest is on Saturday and as always, London City will carry the show live, with the London City Players appearing as Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler at half-time.

German Crumpet
This is Britain's first appearance since voting to leave the EU and formally triggering the exit process.  If you enjoy cabaret, then you can watch this for all the wrong reasons.

Even when we have had a semi-reasonable entry in previous years, we get nil points or manage to scrape together a few at the end of the show. This year, our song, which sounds more like an act of contrition and apology for leaving the EU to its misery, just isn't that good.

Macaroni and Cheese
Had Mrs Le Pen won yesterday, we could have been assured of 12 points from France, but that wasn't to be and Mr Macaroni is a staunch supporter of old ladies and will do everything he can to impress hot babe, Angela Merkel, including awarding the accolade of nil points to the UK.

Not that Eurovision has ever been remotely political. But do keep an eye out for points coming from countries such as Greece, who for their own reasons,
might want to indicate keeping on our good side, despite our flimsy song.

Here is the British entry which is bound to win us first place!   See you on Saturday, 12pm SL time.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Eurovision, The usual result

Why do we put ourselves through it?

Our song this year was not bad at all.

Probably not good enough to win, but surely a great deal better than many others.  And yet, as usual in recent years, we came twenty-third out of twenty-six.   We're beginning to think that some of the other countries don't much care for us.

But spare a thought for poor Australia, the clear winner by hundreds of points, right until the very end, when a bizarre new voting system cut in for the very first time, suddenly awarding over 400 extra points to the Ukraine, catapulting them at the last moment to the winners of the 61st Eurovision song contest.

As long as we can see it for what it is, a political barometer that pays little attention to the talents of its entrants, and laugh it off at the end of the show as we always do, and appreciate it for all its splendor and gaudiness, then long may it  reign.

Talking politics, Britain goes to the polls next month to vote In or Out of Europe.
Now is as good a time as any, to resurrect the voting booth, which is just for fun.. and asks you, should the UK stay in Europe or Leave?
Visit the voting booth in London City to have your say.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest - We didn't win

Although not entirely dead, Brotherhood of Man would be spinning in their graves if they had witnessed last nights results debacle.

Now it's true that Bonnie Tyler deserved to come 19th when she represented us in 2013, but even screeching Bonnie managed to get 23 points.

Poor Electro Velvet, the UK entry for 2015 scored just 5 points finishing 24th of 27.   The song, whilst perhaps not the strongest entry, certainly merited more than it got.  We was robbed.

Even so, The Eurovision Song Contest is a great spectacle every year, and is the ultimate in camp tv. 

Worth every penny of the £310,000 that BBC pumps into it from licence fees.   If you think that is extortionate, then bear in mind, that during that four hour show, it cost the UK another £9.1 million of the £55 million we plough in each and every day, just to be in this select European Union, which clearly worships the water we walk on.

In London City the revellers supported the acts they thought were the best, not those who were likely to drop a bomb on us if they lost.  Although disappointed at our result, the crowd cheered as Sweden scooped the main prize, thus preventing the Russians from winning :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest - Live from London

The stage is set and it's a green light for Eurovision 2015 today at 12pm SL time (8pm UK).

We have full coverage of the show on video and audio streams.

At the intermission Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler will take to the stage to thrill the audience.

We'll be playing a selection of the historic winning songs, British winners and some of the  unforgettable disasters.

Win 250L for being the Best in Your Country's Colours.

To get the most from the show we recommend you watch the in-world stream with the sound turned down, but with the Audio stream turned up.  That way you can see the show and also hear it, but be able to break away to listen to the tribute acts during some of the enormous history lessons they always give us, when we're too lathered up to possibly care!

Join us for Eurovision today at 12pm SL here:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Eurovision Song Contest the Video Review

Congratulations to Austria this year for winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their artiste Conchita, the bearded lady.

British entry Molly was Smitten-Downes with a sore throat just one day ahead of the contest and there was a worry that at one point she would use the rhythm method and pull out just ahead of the contest, but on the night, like the true star she isn't, she sang her heart out and sailed into obscurity securing just 40 points landing us in 17th position.

We last won Eurovision 17 years ago in 1997 with Love Shine a Light by Katrina and the Waves. 

This is the longest gap ever for us since last winning.  We've even tried rolling out the big guns in recent years with class acts such as Queen Victoria's favourite, the 79 year old Engelbert Humpadink and ever tuneful Bonnie Tyler.  Some of us fear that until we wheel out Cilla Black on a gurney, we shall not win again.

Enjoy the video.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Saturday - Eurovision in London City

You can enjoy the grizzly spectacle of the campest show on earth, The Eurovision Song Contest, in London City on Saturday.

From  12pm SL (8pm UK) get your space on the dance floor as we celebrate by-gone British entries, then listen to this year's hopefuls as they each croon their way into the inevitable oblivion that awaits them.

Our half time show this year features, The Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler!

Enjoy the show here in London City

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eurovision Party - Saturday in London City

Oh yes, it's time for the Eurovision Song Contest again!  The show that is so bad, its good.

Come and experience Eurovision, here in  London City, with all the entrants singing their fabulous songs and the good ole UK getting its usual 1 or 2 points.

On stage we have the UK winners of the 1976 contest,  The Brotherhood of Man and the 'bound to win' this years celeb back from the dead,  Bonnie Tyler.

The campest show on earth is here starting at 12pm SL (8pm UK) with a prize of 500L for Best in Your Countries Colours.

Don't miss it!

London City - Most popular destination in Second Life

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Review 25th - 27th May 2012

What a busy packed weekend ... firstly on Friday madame Lala sprang into action like a Thompson's Gazelle ...well, more like an old trout thirsty for gin ... Never the less she made an appearance in her club ...MADAME LALA'S REVUE. There was a tribute to Robin Gibb of the Bee Gee's, who unfortunately passed away last week. Madame Lala played an evening of his music on her gramophone for all to enjoy … There was also a BEST IN YELLOW event , people eagerly turned up in their best yellow outfit hoping to win some Lindens ... As you see Lala turned up in red....I say no more !

On Saturday, Regents park was transformed into another open air concert for all to enjoy... It was Eurovision, and technology being a wonderful thing, there was a simulcast straight into the park on a huge screen, so we could watch the whole event LIVE. It was nail biting to say the least, and our own Engleburt Humperdink was up first to sing and the London city crowd roared for him as well as wearing red, white and blue to show support :) . Later in the intermission, Brotherhood of Man entertained the crowds with a few of their songs we know and love, followed by the voting, where unfortunately the rest of the world were not quite so keen on our englebert ...

Then it was time to hot-foot it over to Lezbo, Lezbo is one of the newest clubs in Victoria London City, it is open to everyone who wants to dance and have fun :). Each night Lezbo club is transformed into a different theme. This week we saw the likes of a Vampire night, the club was transformed into a dark Gothic castle and the dance floor was a river of blood...nice ! lol..Then we were whisked away to the Serengeti plains as we went on safari, the next night we saw Burlesque, the crowds turned out in their feathers glitter and lurex...and that was just the guys :P, We were then transformed into the Mafia, and the club took on a dark grungy warehouse theme, then the week was finished off with a trip into nursery rhymes... Which looked a bit like tellytubbies on acid, and "Egg-leburt Humpty-dink" even showed his face .

see you next time, after another fantastic week in London City .

roving reporter Ruby xxx

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Robbed at the Eurovision

It was an oh so familiar ending to the Eurovision last night, as Britain again won the coveted title of  most loathed country in Europe and came second from last in the contest.

He was never my cup of tea and I must admit to seeing him as a bit of a poor mans Tom Jones, but there is no denying that Engelbert Humpadink has enjoyed huge fame and fortune in his lifetime.

Brotherhood of Man perform at Eurovision Night
Once an enormously popular singer in the UK, he is one of the few artists to have made the transatlantic leap of faith and enjoyed extreme success in the USA and other European countries, who saw his large orange face as sex on legs.

So was it bad advice, desperation for another shot at fame, conceit or just a terribly misjudged self confidence and feeling of patriotism that made the once international heart throb, Engelbert, set himself up for this tragic fall?

Will people see beyond this and realise that even if the 76 year old old chap had come on with a diamond encrusted zimmer frame and sung like Johnny Mathis and moved like Sammy Davis, that nothing could save him?  He was hobbled before he began, because of the country he represented.

Eurovision Party at London City
If any good can come out of this, hopefully it should prevent us from parading our old prunes again (coughs: Cliff).

London City was full to capacity last night as we danced, listened to the entries and had a great intermission with a performance by Brotherhood of Man.  Everyone was laughing and joking as the results poured in.

Such high spirits despite such a defeat?  We have good reason to smile.  We still have our Sterling.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eurovision Night, Saturday

Eurovision Party this coming Saturday in Soho, Regent's Park.

We have three Euro DJ's playing the Best of the Losing entries, Best of British Songs and Winning Entries.  Plus a very special Guest Appearance by Winners of the 1976 contest, Brotherhood of Man.

The Competition this week is Best in Red White & Blue.
Party in The Park, Eurovision Special starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK)