Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest - We didn't win

Although not entirely dead, Brotherhood of Man would be spinning in their graves if they had witnessed last nights results debacle.

Now it's true that Bonnie Tyler deserved to come 19th when she represented us in 2013, but even screeching Bonnie managed to get 23 points.

Poor Electro Velvet, the UK entry for 2015 scored just 5 points finishing 24th of 27.   The song, whilst perhaps not the strongest entry, certainly merited more than it got.  We was robbed.

Even so, The Eurovision Song Contest is a great spectacle every year, and is the ultimate in camp tv. 

Worth every penny of the £310,000 that BBC pumps into it from licence fees.   If you think that is extortionate, then bear in mind, that during that four hour show, it cost the UK another £9.1 million of the £55 million we plough in each and every day, just to be in this select European Union, which clearly worships the water we walk on.

In London City the revellers supported the acts they thought were the best, not those who were likely to drop a bomb on us if they lost.  Although disappointed at our result, the crowd cheered as Sweden scooped the main prize, thus preventing the Russians from winning :)

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