Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest - Live from London

The stage is set and it's a green light for Eurovision 2015 today at 12pm SL time (8pm UK).

We have full coverage of the show on video and audio streams.

At the intermission Brotherhood of Man and Bonnie Tyler will take to the stage to thrill the audience.

We'll be playing a selection of the historic winning songs, British winners and some of the  unforgettable disasters.

Win 250L for being the Best in Your Country's Colours.

To get the most from the show we recommend you watch the in-world stream with the sound turned down, but with the Audio stream turned up.  That way you can see the show and also hear it, but be able to break away to listen to the tribute acts during some of the enormous history lessons they always give us, when we're too lathered up to possibly care!

Join us for Eurovision today at 12pm SL here:

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