Sunday, May 15, 2022

Eurovision 2022 in London City inSL

Well done to the Ukraine for winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

Congratulations to the United Kingdom for winning 1st place from the jury and winning 2nd place over all.

A truly astonishing result for the UK who have been booed for years and accepted 'Nil points' for a decade.

Eurovision has long been, half about the song and half about the politics.  The year UK left the EU, canned applause and cheers were played to drown out the booing.  

In the UK, we are used to sitting back and calling it a farce as we get awarded sweet Fanny Adams, year in, year out.  It was amazing atmosphere in London Second Life, as the Eurovision fans were so totally shocked as the results started to pour in.  

Coming first place by the jury was wonderful and winning 2nd place overall was fantastic.   I still maintain, the only thing worse than UK getting nil points, would have been if UK had narrowly beaten Ukraine.   All in all, it was the best possible result we could have hoped for.

The UK song with Sam Ryder was very good, but the additional ingredient was that we received several cheers and comments of thanks from performers for our support of the people of Ukraine.   No longer hampered and delayed by the committee that is the European Union, UK proudly stands out as a country very involved in supporting our European neighbours, with swift action and assistance.   It is also worth pointing out that the main powers in the EU, which have been so very slow to act, were severely punished.  

Germany finished last with nil points and just above them was France.  Interestingly both France and Germany gave their 12 points to United Kingdom.  Was this a guilty conscience for being underwhelming with their assistance to the Ukraine and a nod of thanks to the UK for helping to sort out 'problems' they should be far more  involved with?

A thrilling night, made extra special by the visitors to London City who added a great atmosphere.  Many of whom stayed for the entire six hour marathon.  Now that is dedication!

Thanks to the London City team for all their hard work in making this event possible.   

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