Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Warm Enough?

Great Britain, where it is either 10 below freezing, or 100 Fahrenheit. 

GB is currently "enjoying" a heatwave with the mercury hovering around the 90+ mark.  This may not sound exceptional to many in warmer climates, but you need to remember that in the UK where it is "never hot" or it "never snows", not only do we not possess a single snow plough, but we are still waiting for Air Conditioning to be invented.

This little island of ours crammed with 68 million people is melting.  It was with some relief that we could all enjoy a dip in the Olympic sized swimming pool yesterday in London City.  We also broke out the fans to keep the visitors nice and cool, and what a fun time we all had, talking for hours, without hardly a moan about the weather (he lied).

Come chill your heels here whenever you wish.  Drink plenty (of water!) and bask in the sunshine.

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