Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Another work meeting..

 As Boris Johnson prepares for the fight of his life to remain Prime Minister of the UK, we thought we would show our support by holding our own version of a Downing Street Party.

As you can see, we are all socially distanced.  The one mistake we made was in not providing a Scotch Egg, which we are sure you know, is considered a "substantial meal".


We will be holding another 'work meeting' on Saturday at 12pm, with The Carpenters in concert.  Hope you can make it.

As a side line, people have been asking if Boris is ousted, will there be a General Election?  

No there would not.  In the UK you vote for the party and not for the Prime Minister.  The Conservative party can put in any member of Parliament in the top job via an internal vote.  They would run for another three years in power, thanks to the stonking 80+ majority Boris secured for them when he ran as head of the "package".

Such is democracy?

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