Thursday, January 13, 2022

Philip Rosedale Returns

On Monday 13th, January, Linden Research Inc, announced that High Fidelity owned by Second Life founder and original Lab CEO Philip Rosedale, has acquired and interest in Linden Lab.

High Fidelity originally began life as a VR platform in much the same vein as the Lab's own Sansar project.   In December 2019, Philip announced a new direction, concentrating on 3D sound, an immersive spatial audio, which offers depth and distance stereo. It has to be said, it is very impressive when sat side by side with Vivox for comparison.

Philip and other members of High Fidelity will re-join Linden Lab team, but it has yet to be announced whether or not Spatial Audio will become a replacement for the existing voice and sound systems.

I asked the long time friend of London City in 2019, if he would consider coming back to Linden Lab, to which he replied,  "Do you think they would have me?".    Apparently they will.

Philip Rosedale, now Philip Linden again, last visited London City just a week ago.  I wish we had managed to land the scoop!

It is very exciting that this extraordinary visionary has re-joined the team.  Philip, welcome home!

Here is a replay of Philip Linden visiting London City in 2018, exploring out loud, where Second Life might want to go next. It predates the migration to the AWS cloud system in 2020.

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