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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Guy Fawkes - Loved to Party
Today is the 5th of November, the anniversary of  old rogue Guido Fawkes' (now rebranded as Guy Fawkes) attempt to blow up the King on England!

Let's have a potted history...

5th November, also known as Bonfire Night

Back in 1605, Guido Fawkes and his croanies wanted to protest on how Catholics were treated.

So they decided that they would try to blow up the Houses of Parliament, in particular the House of Lords, by smuggling in hundreds of gunpowder kegs into the cellar for a firework display of their own and try detonating them on 5th November as the King (James I) was opening Parliament.

Unfortunately for Guy Fawkes, one of his gang was a lag and would blab when he got smashed and word soon spread all over town about this amazing party they were planning. They were caught in the act without so much as a roman candle going off.
Penny for the Guy?

In those days execution was considered as a fitting punishment for minor crimes like stealing a loaf of bread.  So they decided on a more fitting punishment and decided to chop Guy Fawkes into bits, hang him for a couple of minutes, disembowel him and do other unmentionable things to embarrass him whilst he was still alive.

Since petty crime only resulted in the severing of limbs and sometimes being boiled in oil, this gruesome torture of being 'hung drawn and quartered' was reserved exclusively for traitors. 

Whilst Guy Fawkes was a bit of a shit, he is also widely regarded as a person who knew how to Party. 

This is still observed on 5th November every year, when people of Great Britain, literally burn money they don't have and cheer as they see it go up in flames and whoosh into the air and erupt as fireworks.. whilst those who are more sensible collect old logs, burn and effigy called a Guy and create a massive bonfire to roast their chestnuts.

Join us for a firework show today at Madame Lala's at 1pm SL (9pm UK)

Friday, November 01, 2019

Early Bonfire Night at Lala's

Enjoy some glitz and some fabulous party tunes today at Lala's.

Madame Bailey has sprung from her own private means, for a box of Benwell Fireworks and some Sparklers, so we can all enjoy an early Bonfire Night at Lala's today.

Safety goggles will be provided.

The event is at 2pm SL time (9pm UK)

Monday, November 06, 2017


What a wonderful Guy Fawkes night we had!

Bailey and Coffee decided to have an indoor firework display (with outdoor fireworks) in Substation.
Katty made a display of herself on the beach for Worlds End.  And I returned to an unlit firework.

So with Halloween and Bonfire night now out of the way.. you know what season is now upon us.
Love it or loathe it, hunker down Chri***as is next!

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Remember Remember

Hope you enjoy the Sir Tom show last night and the fireworks for Bonfire night.  Here are some pictures of the event.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Shat and Bonfire Night - A Double Whammy Event!

The event of the year is finally here on Saturday, William Shatner in Concert, and also Bonfire Night Firework display! 1pm SL (8pm UK).

From Captain Kirk and TJ Hooker to Priceline Negotiator, Denny Crane in Boston Legal and Raw Nerve chat show host and the richest actor in the world, The Shat has done it all.. except sing in London City.

Join us for this breath-taking, jaw dropping, once in a lifetime event at 1pm SL (8pm UK) on Saturday here:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bonfire Night and Passenger Concert, Saturday

Passenger was originally a Brit folk/rock band formed in 2003.

When they split up in 2007, lead singer Mike Rosenberg continued his career as a solo artist under the name of Passenger, busking his way around Europe and appearing at fringe festivals.

Then suddenly this year he exploded onto the scene with three chart topping songs in quick succession,   Let her Go, The Wrong Direction and Holes.

Having written over 200 songs, Passenger is receiving the critical acclaim that eluded the band for so long. 

Enjoy his music, this weekend as part of our Season's Change month, where you can win 500L for being the Best in Winter Wear / Guy Fawkes.

Also... Bonfire night in the UK, so join us for some wonderful fireworks as we lag out the region in the name of entertainment!

Penny for the Guido?
And now a potted history of how Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night might have come into tradition...

Back in 1605 (GMT), Guido Fawkes  wanted to protest on how Catholics were treated.  Too little wine, not enough unleavened bread etc.

Guido later became known as Guy in a brand refresh to help sell more rockets.
Anyway, Fawkes decided that they would blow up the Houses of Parliament, (visit HOP in London here) in particular the House of Lords, by smuggling in hundreds of gunpowder kegs into the cellar and detonating them on 5th November as the King (James I) was opening Parliament.

Unfortunately for Guy, one of his gang ran off at the gums and blabbered about this heinous plot.  Word soon spread and they were caught in the act.

The King was quite annoyed about it all and as a slap on the wrist for doing such a thing, they decided to chop bits of him off and wave them around, hang him for a couple of minutes so not quite dead, disembowel him and do other unmentionable things to embarrass him.

This gruesome method of torture "hanged, drawn and quartered",  was reserved exclusively for traitors. Petty crime (such as stealing some bread), resulted in minor punishment, such as having limbs severed or being boiled in oil.

Here in the UK, on the 5th November (or the closest Saturday to it), we celebrate this bit of horrible history with a firework display (Guy loved to partaay) and huge bonfires burning an effigy of Guy.

If you're stuck for a costume this weekend, grab a Guy Fawkes mask from the Freebie Shops in London City.

Come and warm your chestnuts on the fire!

It all happens here from 1pm SL

London City events are sponsored by DX Exchange - Linden Dollars at Best Rates.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekend in Review - 4-6 November

Auntie Bailey here again after another insane weekend in London City.  A crowded dancefloor at Bar Soho on Friday meant we were all hot and sweaty in our leather and latex gear as we partied our way towards the weekend.  A quick shower and a change of clothing later, the party continued at Madame Lala's London Revue.  Thanks to the new transport system in place, people were able to journey between the two venues without risking their lives aboard Billy's bus - which hopefully reduced the number of skidmarks.

On Saturday morning we all awoke to find that a funfair had arrived in Regent's Park.  A couple of rides and some 'refreshment' vans and stalls had taken position around the main concert area, no doubt as a cunning ploy to tempt drunken revellers from the concerts with their produce.  I was accosted by a couple of guys who tried to tempt me with their meat, but as is always the case in such situations their meat looked a little suspect and they didn't have very big portions.  I would advise pet owners to be sure of the whereabouts of their animals while such vendors are around; though I cannot prove the produce is less than high quality, I for one will certainly be keeping my pussy secure.

The funfair in Regent's Park
On the subject of cats - and other animals - I hope everyone made sure their pets were tucked safely away on Saturday as their was a bonfire and fireworks extravaganza in Regent's Park.  Numbers were consistently in the upper 90s, with the sim maxed out for a large part of the evening.  An additional draw came as the result of the weekend's big concert, which featured pert and perky pop princess Kylie on stage in her famous gold hotpants.

Kylie in those hotpants

Fireworks abound as Kylie takes to the stage
The night sky ablaze with colourful fireworks
Not content with drawing huge crowds on Saturday, Sunday continued in a similar manner with the first signs of winter creeping in to London City with the arrival of the ice skating rink.  Comptons pub later played host to Elvis - in the shape of Helvis Xue who treated to the assembled masses with a selection of hits made famous by Mr Presley and some interpretations of other songs in the style of Elvis.

Helvis Xue as Elvis on stage
An adoring audience appreciating live music at Comptons pub
Next week in concert we have the fabulous Mapoo Little performing live!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Sunday

What a tremendous turn out to Bonfire Night and Kylie!   London City was filled to capacity with 100 people throughout and it looks like you enjoyed yourselves.

Don't forget that this evening at 8pm UK time (that's 1pm SL time), Helvis Xue will be performing LIVE in Compton's Pub.  This is a very popular entertainer, so if you had problems getting in last night, please arrive early today!

Also in the news, London City 3 is nearing completion of its initial build.  Yesterday saw the opening of Parliament and today, four brand new bespoke houses are available to rent for the first time.
Check out the progress of London City3 "Victoria", here.