Monday, April 11, 2011

Regent's Park Expansion - Checking The Progress

Dolly in Regent's Park
Thank you to everyone who came to see Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow in three unique concerts in Mainland London over the weekend. 

A special hello to Boston Linden who came to see Neil Diamond on Saturday and Barry Manilow on Sunday.  Next time, Boston, bring your friends!

It was a fabulous weekend with an extremely high turn out of people visiting Mainland London sims and not a single sim crash in sight.   To see all the pictures in detail, check out the pictures on facebook

Neil performs to a packed house in Lala's!

Don't forget we are holding a concert every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout all of April!

To other things now.  Last week we told you about expansion plans for Regent's Park.

We're pleased to let you know that everything is going according to plan and that the park area is set to triple in size with masses of new features for everyone to enjoy.

Expansion of Regent's Park area.
Whilst much of the area is still undeveloped, the basic concept of the new design is ahead of schedule and we welcome everyone to come and take a look at our progress so far.

Rez a horse and explore Regent's Park
Why not Rez a horse from the free Horse Ride stand and have a gallop around the new park and check things out.

Tina Turner, Saturday 16th April

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hold Saturday's Tina Turner Concert from the new amphitheatre in the park?   No promises! :)

A special and sincere thanks to every one of the ten thousand members of the Mainland London Community.
This community has grown from nothing in September to 10,500 people in April. You have all made this venture hugely successful and immense fun to be involved with. 
We are always looking for people to help us as Mainland London continues to grow and expand.  If you would like to get involved some more, please drop a note in-world.

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