Monday, October 03, 2011

Weekend in Review - 1-2 October

As usual our weekend kicked off on Friday night with the regular pop party at Bar Soho and the campness of Madame Lala's London Revue.

Saturday saw an influx of people for the concert in Regent's Park - a tribute by Britt McMahon to the legendary Purple One...Prince.  Your lowly blogger witnessed a peak of 97 avatars on the sim during the concert and everyone danced the night away in a purple haze.

The audience enjoyed the performance so much that no one took any notice of the tripod attacking people in the park...

Britt McMahon takes to the stage as Prince
Alas I have no pictorial evidence of the Sunday night bash which transferred from Comptons to Bar Soho.  I did try to take snapshots but the contest was for Biggest Ass and my camera view was constantly obscured!

Don't forget to check out the London Dungeons, which opened in Regent's Park this weekend...just beware of the zombies as they have quite a bite...

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