Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend in Review - 14-16 October

Yet another fantastic weekend in London City - a mix of old and new.

The weekend was started off with at Bar Soho with a Best in White event that saw everyone looking pure and virginal - so long as you didn't look too closely at some of them, especially the DJ (Billy Arentire aka the CandyMan) - I would have shown you all a pic of his outfit but I couldn't get a clear shot as my hand wobbled on the camera every time I looked at it.

After Bar Soho we caught the bus down to the other end of the street to Madame Lala's London Revue.  I prefer to walk rather than catching the bus, as I am an avatar not a crash test dummy.  We had a night of campness as is always ensured at Madame Lala's establishment.

For Saturday's Party in the Park we all gathered in Regent's Park with our beverages as the contest was Best in Low Lag Alcoholic Drink - an easy one for most of our members to dress for as there is never a shortage of drinks around London City.  The headline act was a tribute to Simon and Garfunkel, which was greatly appreciated by the assembled masses.  I guess Simon and Garfunkel qualify as the old I mentioned in the opening line of this post.

Simon and Garfunkel looking and sounding amazing

The audience enjoying the music and atmosphere in Regent's Park
The new I mentioned came in the delightful form (and voice) of Adevina Citron, who made her first appearance at Comptons pub and was well received by the enthusiastic audience.

Adevina Citron on stage at Comptons

Some of the audience at Adevina's first concert in London City
Next weekend we are in for a treat as our Take That tribute will be in Regent's Park on Saturday!

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