Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend in Review - 21-23 October

All the usual insanity occurred over the weekend in London City.  Bar Soho.  Madame Lala's.  The bus journey of death between the two...  We had a Best In Sportswear contest at Bar Soho on Friday as a special request from one of our loyal patrons...and she actually polled the most votes in the contest!

Two things have taken the emphasis over the weekend.  The first was the announcement of London City 3 coming in to existence to complement the existing two areas.  Already it is taking shape nicely thanks to the dedicated builder.

The second thing that played a major part this weekend was the first ever Take That tribute concert in Regent's Park.  It went down spectacularly well and attendance on sim was in the mid nineties at it's height, which isn't a bad turnout for a grown up boyband!

Gary, Mark, Jason and Robbie...alas Howard was stuck in a motorway cafe as his moped broke down
An eager crowd enjoying the delights of the band
Next weekend promises to be spooktacular as it is Halloween!  Get your pumpkins ready now!

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