Monday, November 21, 2011

Lifestyles - Lezbo the New Nightclub

Adding to the diverse and cosmoplitan appeal of London City, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new Nightclub in London City3 Victoria, called Lezbo.

This cosy, modern new club is designed for ladies who like ladies, although gentlemen guests are most welcome.

Lezbo is open every day except Mondays and Fridays from 2pm SL (10pm UK)

This exciting new club plays the best mixed dance music in town and is managed by the wonderfully multi-talented Ruby Jones.

TP over for fun in this friendly environment

London City has a long established Diversity Policy.  We are committed to ensuring the best experience to the broad spectrum of visitors to the estate.

London City Diversity Policy

We recognise the differences that exist between people beyond age and experience in SL, such as gender, race, enthnicity, mental and physical ability, creed, colour, caste, sexual orientation, age, education and other statuses. We believe that these differences and varied perspectives that people bring with them has a positive impact on this community and is a strength to be embraced.

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