Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Setting Up Shop - Help On Hand

We are proud that everything you see in London City, is built by us.   None of the buildings or monuments in London City is out of a box, everything is made to measure and you will not see it anywhere else on the grid. With the exception of the Big Ben Clock and Cenotaph, everything you see is created by Billy Arentire.

In keeping with this bespoke theme, we are keen to offer assistance to our merchants to maximise sales and to ensure the inside of their store is at least as impressive as the exterior.

As a standard service whenever someone rents with us, we retexture the inside of the store to suit their taste and content.  As a complimentary layer we can build and supply specially made fitments and even help with a seasonal theme.

Most fitments are made without charge and you can use them for as long as you are with London City.  If you decide to purchase fitments and themes, you can use them anywhere you wish.

Before:  An Empty Building in Sim3

After: Interior of a sweet shop - All that is needed now is the product.
Of course you need to have an idea of how you want your store to look,  we don't design entire brands on a complimentary level,  but we are here to help you with your concept.

RX Designs: Interior by London City.
RX Designs asked us for help with shop fittings.  This build by London City is now in use by their stores in Second Life.

London by Londoners, we're here to help.

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