Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend in Review - 26-27 November

Yes it is that time of the week again - auntie Bailey is here with the news and reviews from the weekend once more.  Doesn't time just fly when you are having fun.

On Saturday in Regent's Park we had our Neil Diamond tribute back for a singalong on the winter concert stage.  The contest theme was Best in Body Hair and/or Side Burns.  As the party was held on the ice rink, it seemed appropriate that everyone was wrapped up in an extra layer of hair, even if they did have to remove some clothing to prove it...

Neil and the Diamondettes

Altogether now...Sweet Caroline...
Sunday at Comptons had Rat Pack inspired music and another of those strange contest themes that crops up at Comptons...Best in Bad Hair.  It seemed there was no shortage of bad hair in SL and DJ Ruby played some of her old LPs.  If you are too young to know what an LP is, please don't ask me as I may be forced to hit you with my walking stick.

Hair today...and hopefully gone tomorrow
There were parties across other London City venues - Bar Soho, Madame Lala's London Revue and Lezbo - so we were not short of musical entertainment and chat.

Next Saturday in the Park, we have Helvis Xue performing live again for us!

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