Monday, March 05, 2012

Regent's Park, A nip and tuck

Meeting area with low collision design to reduce lag.
Working on an estate is a little like painting the Forth Bridge.

Just when you get everything the way you want it, you suddenly realise that parts of your build are getting old and that the technologies applied at the time of building them, have moved on.

This was the case with the meeting area in Regent's Park, which was created for our mainland sim back in July 2010 and has served us extremely well since, even surviving a move to the London City estate last year.

However, we are all human creatures striving for excellence and embracing change.  So it is with pleasure that today we reveal a labour of love, the new Regent's Park infrastructure and Soho Square Touch-Up.

We hope you like it.

A new terraformed and spacial layout make the place bright and breezy.

A general tidy up in Soho Square and a brand new Bar Soho building.

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