Monday, May 07, 2012

Welcome to London City Creative.

The aim of London City Creative is to inspire, encourage and recognise the creativity within the visitors to the London City sims.  There will be events including photography, prose, poetry, sculpture, etc.

For the launch we have a picture contest.  The theme of the contest is "London City Life".  Your aim is to find something in the London City sims that you feel is representative of life in London City in SL.  Pictures can be natural SL snapshots or can be enhanced with photo editing software, but should be recognisable as London City sims.

Once you have your picture, ensure that it is full perm and put it in a notecard entitled LCC May 2012 (your name).  The notecard can then be deposited in the mailbox located at the London City Creative office.

Closing date for entries is May 25th 2012.  The winner of the contest will be chosen by a panel by the end of the month and their picture will be displayed in the London City Creative office.

Get snapping and good luck!


1st Prize - L$750
2nd Prize - L$250
3rd Prize - L$100

Conditions of Entry

One picture per person only

Pictures may be submitted by a group but only the person showing as creator will be acknowledged as the owner

Pictures must be full perm and by submitting them you agree to their use in London City Creative, the London blog, Facebook and Flickr for promotional purposes.

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