Sunday, May 27, 2012

Robbed at the Eurovision

It was an oh so familiar ending to the Eurovision last night, as Britain again won the coveted title of  most loathed country in Europe and came second from last in the contest.

He was never my cup of tea and I must admit to seeing him as a bit of a poor mans Tom Jones, but there is no denying that Engelbert Humpadink has enjoyed huge fame and fortune in his lifetime.

Brotherhood of Man perform at Eurovision Night
Once an enormously popular singer in the UK, he is one of the few artists to have made the transatlantic leap of faith and enjoyed extreme success in the USA and other European countries, who saw his large orange face as sex on legs.

So was it bad advice, desperation for another shot at fame, conceit or just a terribly misjudged self confidence and feeling of patriotism that made the once international heart throb, Engelbert, set himself up for this tragic fall?

Will people see beyond this and realise that even if the 76 year old old chap had come on with a diamond encrusted zimmer frame and sung like Johnny Mathis and moved like Sammy Davis, that nothing could save him?  He was hobbled before he began, because of the country he represented.

Eurovision Party at London City
If any good can come out of this, hopefully it should prevent us from parading our old prunes again (coughs: Cliff).

London City was full to capacity last night as we danced, listened to the entries and had a great intermission with a performance by Brotherhood of Man.  Everyone was laughing and joking as the results poured in.

Such high spirits despite such a defeat?  We have good reason to smile.  We still have our Sterling.

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