Monday, February 11, 2013

The Fantastic Weekend Review 08~10th 2013

Hey London  City ...Gong Xi Fa Cai ...Happy  Chinese  new year...
It's  the  year  of  the Snake.

Millions  of people celebrated  the Lunar year, also  known  as Chinese  New Year.
This is  the most  important holiday  in Asia, it is  estimated  that  over 2 million people travelled to be  with their  families, causing what is  being termed as  "the biggest mass human migration on earth".
 London  hosted  the  largest  celebration  outside  of Asia, and as  always  London  City  in SL follows  real  life  events , bringing you the Best  "real  life"  virtual experience  on the grid, that others  try  to copy ... and  fail miserably!
There was a "best in Oriental" evnet... and  WOW!! you guys looked  flipping awesome!!! ( making who to vote  for  very  difficult)

We all had an amazing  night, with great music fun chat  and  of  course  fireworks marking  the arrival of  the Snake and saying farewell to the Dragon.
In  China  the snake  has a mixed reputation, its associated with wisdom, beauty and  intelligence but also pride and anger... so lets  hope we reap the rewards and  the Snake  is  good  to us  :)

Also we saw  the return of  London's  sweetheart ... Adevina Citron, who took to the stage  Saturday evening in  Regents  Park. No stranger to London  City, Adevina sang her socks  off, taking request  and  singing totally  LIVE.

This lady  sure packs a punch and takes no  prisoners with her gorgeous and  powerful voice, which is why she is  one  of  Second  Life's Superstars.

Funny, Witty, teamed with a fantastic  voice, really does make  this lady a class act and  if  you are one  of  the rare  ones who haven't seen her performances you really don't know what you are  missing. Adevina  is a fantastic performer and  entertainer.

Elsewhere over the weekend, we ran  our  usual powerhouse  of events, there is something for everyone!! whether it   be  fun saucy chat (@ The  Palladium )

getting your toe  tapping with a blast from the past  golden oldies ( @ The  Substation)

engrossing yourself in a totally themed  event (@ Juiced)

turning up at  your  local for a pint and fun  pub quizzes (@ The  Worlds End)

maybe  losing yourself  in great  music is your thing (@ Bar Soho)

or maybe  you prefer no strings adult fun  (@ The Crown)

or have a fantastic  time with great  music (@ Madame  Lala's)

Or maybe  you just like to meet up with friends  in town, and  chill and  hang out  ... we even have that  covered with 2 fantastic  Hubs.

New to SL,  we have a New  User  Centre, here you will find  an array  of  useful  gems  to carry you  througth  the  rest of  your  SL life. Easy to follow  steps that are a must  to  know, to get around  SL  succesfully.

What ever it is  you chose  to do, London City  has  it,  with a cherry  on top, we offer the best  in virtual real life experiences, all from the comfort  of  ya own chair.

Thats all from me  this week, I'll see you for  more  fun and Frolics  next time  in  London City xx

Roving  Reporter Ruby xxx

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