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The Weekend Review 1st- 3rd February

Hey how you doing? ...It was great  see you all  over the weekend  and  judging  by  the ratings, you all came  along to  the  number  one  destination  in SL to enjoy  the fun in  London  City, and what a weekend  we had, it's quite easy to see why we are constantly rated  the best Sim in  Second  Life.

Friday  night, yay!  It's  the start of the weekend,  straight  in form  work, glass of wine in hand, log into  SL and  London City, perfect!!!

No time to waste, we head straight to one  of  our  bustling Hubs, to meet up with friends and  catch up  on all the goss... The  Hubs  in  London City are  the places  where everyone  gathers, where  new  people  meet residents who have  been in SL for  a while.

Then we head  to  the  oldest  pub  in  London.... The Worlds  End Pub, this is a typical  English  fun  pub...Bingo, dancing,Truth or  Dare,Trivia Pub Quizzes, fun and slightly crazy  but  that's  how  the  locals  like  it. If  you are  looking  for great friends, and  things  to do make  The Worlds End your local.

Then we  hot foot  it across  Sim to Substation, this is yet another  popular  place, (London  City  is  full  of  them )... A great  place to start  your  clubbing  night  out,  playing a mix  of  golden oldies, and a fun  theme to win lindens...

Then  dash to Bar Soho, opening at  9pm Gmt that's  1pm slt.
Just  like  real  life  Soho,  this club  is cool and stylish. There's a new  Host  DJ combination every night keeping  the vibes  fresh and fashionable, and  still able  to keep a warm, fun  and  friendly atmosphere where everyone  is  welcome.

Meanwhile across in our  Adult sim, The  Crown  spring  into action, welcoming all adults  who like no strings  fun, playing a fantastic  mix  of  tunes, the Crown  is  very  popular and  a  must  place  to  visit for cheeky saucy  fun.

Then  to  bring  the weekend  to a close we  head to  Madame  Lala's. This  is a the jewel  of  Soho. Dj Fierce plays  a of  interesting  tunes that are guaranteed to get your  foot tapping. Flamboyant, colourful and  unrestrained. Madame  Lala's  is   a real  hoot.

Saturday  in  London  City, is always a special affair, starting  in  The Worlds End  pub... for  more  fun... and a great way to warm up  for  the fantastic  open air  Live  Concert  in  Regents  Park.

Regents Park hosts a fantastic Open air  Live concert every week, where  else  could you see your favourite  Stars, LIVE, on a custom  built stage for  free!! This is  the  ultimate  SL experience, join  hundreds of  other people for a great night out.

This  week we saw  Neil Sedaka in concert and a best in 70's event.
Neil Sedaka, born March 1939, his career has spanned  over half a century and  has  written  over 500 songs  and sold  millions.
Dressed  in what can only be described as a dazzling white  suit, Neil sang a medley of  his  greatest  hits, such  as "Calendar  Girl", "Breaking  Up Is Hard To Do", "Happy Birthday  Sweet Sixteen" and  many  more.

Then we head  to  Juiced in Sim 3 Victoria,  this week we celebrated  the start  of  Spring, with an  Imbolc  festival, dancing round  fires we made wishes  for  the rest of  the year... what a great  night.

Sunday, time to take  it easy after  such a fantastic  night before, around  lunch time, Bailey slides  in to action at  Madame  Lalas, presenting  the Sunday  Smooth, a couple  of  hours  of the smoothest, easily  listening tunes, to ease  you right into the day. Great chat and  dancing with a relaxed best in event....the perfect pick-me-up to recover from  the night before.

We then head back to  Substation, here we find  the gang ready to entertain you once  more with  the best golden  oldies, and  fun  chat.

Then we head  back  to  Juiced  for  another exciting themed event.

That's all from  me this week, I'll see you for  more  fun and  frolics in London  City.

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxx

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