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The Fabulous Weekend Review 16th~18th March

Well hello  London  city ...or should  I say  Top o' the mornin to ya, in light  of  the celebrations  that took place  over the weekend ...yes  that's  right ,  we celebrated  St Patrick's  Day. Saint Patrick is celebrated  in Ireland  and  the rest  of  the  U.K, it's generally known  that Patrick  is  the patron saint  of  Ireland  and has  been since around  the 7th century.

17th March  is the date  St  Patrick's day  is celebrated and  thought to be the anniversary  of  his death, so in our usual fashion, we bring   Real  life events into the virtual world, so everyone, no matter where  they are from in the world, can join us and experience a Real London feel, with all venues  and events  joining forces  for  what can only be described as a tremendous weekend.... unparalleled ... You already  know  how  busy London city is  everyday  of the week, but  I can reveal this weekend, we broke our record  of people attending  the sim... even more  than at New  Year, that record  was well and truly smashed ... almost 72 hours of full capacity WOW!!!

 It just goes to show how  popular and awesome  London City  truly  is :)

This phenomenal weekend  was  sponsored by DX Exchange, the easiest way to buy in world currency, with Regional UK HQ in London City.

As usual, Regents  park sprang  into action  on Saturday evening,  the crowds  arrived early which I highly recommend, as it fills  very quickly with our wonderful residents  all wanting a great evening out, and watching  their favourite stars  on stage Live  in concert....As it was St Patrick's weekend who better  than the Dubliners to celebrate... 

The Dubliners  are an  Irish folk band, their career has  spanned  over 50 years and  seen many changes  in the line  up. The band gained  international success for  their lively Irish songs.
The band  were regulars  on the folk scene  in the  60's in both Ireland and  London,  and appeared  on  the iconic  Top of the Pops in '67.

We love having these old boys  perform  in  London City, always drawing a huge  crowd  singing all  the songs we know and  love  "Black Velvet Band", "7 Drunken  Nights" "drunken Sailor", "Wild Rover", "Molly  Malone" and  loads of  others too many to mention. 

The free Green Guinness was flowing, everyone dressed  in Irish clobber...great "drinking " music, fun free jig dances we really did have a whale  of  a time the celebrations  started  earlier than usual due  to  the crowds arriving... and went  on well into  Sunday morning.... There was a "Best  In" event where 1 lucky Resident won a huge amount of  Lindens.

The following day we found some residents having a morning work-out...recovering from  the night before ...

Early Sunday morning, we had a barrage of messages from  Residents  who couldn't get to  the event in Regents park....Upset they missed the celebrations ... so what to do  ??? Put  it on again of course!! This time  the Guys took  to  the Hub  in Sim1... A few choice invites  out  and  BANG the sim was at capacity again...people arriving in droves, in a party mood, ready to sing-a-long again .. twice  the enjoyment ...

All over  London  City,  the whole weekend was given  to celebrating St Patrick's day...All venues participated...

Substation started  us  off, Coffee, Bailey and  Katty invited people to come along  to come dressed  in green... always a hoot here.. fun chat and  golden oldie tunes.

The crown 

Saucy adult fun...like your SL to be no strings  fun ... then  the Crown is  right up your street,
 like minded adults great music...what more could  you ask for  :)

As  usual Bailey and  Fierce added extra fabulousness to Madame  Lalas this weekend, tongue in cheek banter and the best  in toe tapping tunes...all go into  the mix to make this one of our most popular destinations...what do you mean  you haven't been  there yet  ???... then you are simply missing  out...

Juiced also joined  in  the celebrations, Saturday we found  the Juiced  team on a road-show  in regents park, inviting  the  Victoria groups along to Soho, this is always a giggle, as we joke  the sim 3ers show  the sim 1ians how to party... we had  so  much  fun Saturday...
Sunday we were back at Juiced,  this time the club was transformed  into  an Irish  hillside  ( complete  with sheep) where we ran a best in green event with  upbeat Irish songs we always have the best  time.

This week we also had  one  of  Our  most popular themes "Alice  in  Wonderland"

I'm always speechless at the time and effort people put into  their costumes, and  I  think Alice  in wonderland  event shows  this off to the max.

The Worlds End and  Soho  also ran  awesome events  with St Patrick's theme....all in all we had  a fantastic time, and  more awesome news,
Loki found photographic evidence  that Spring  is here ....at long  last .....

Well, that's all from me this week, I just want to say  a huge thank you to Everyone who took part  ans came along  to London  City... from our fabulous staff to our awesome Residents you all play a part  in making  London  City  the TOP Destination in Second  Life...FACT!!

Huge hugs to all xxx

Just time for  your LONDOSCOPES

Aries Rez day 21st March - 20th April
A new solar year begins  with the Spring Equinox on Wednesday, and  the next four weeks will set the scene for  the next 12 months so make sure  they are  the best you can...and where better  than  in  London City.

Taurus Rez day 21st April - 21st  May
Your confidence will return now that Mercury has turned direct, so enter events with  your best foot forward ... loud  music and  hats will be especially lucky for  you this week.

Gemini Rez day 22nd May -21st June
Good  news  on  the  job  front, you've search out  the Job centre  in sim2, and filled in  your application form, you will hear great news this week, around Wednesday when the sun moves into your chart.

Cancer Rez day 22June - 23rd July
As from today, travel plans  with  go more easily, with  the discovery or golf carts , racing cars. motorbike and helicopters, all free and  available for you to use, making shopping around  London  City even easier.

Leo Rez day 24th July  - 23rd August
The sun's moves  into ambitious Aries will inspire you to aim higher than ever before. It will encourage  you to enter more events  than  ever before inspiring you to try new events in all  London City club and  pub  venues.

Virgo Rez day 24th August - 23rd September
Mercury, your ruler, turns direct today making  it easy to put  your  point across clearly, in comparison to how hard its been  the past  few weeks, your main goal now is  to respect each others views, have fun chats and meet new people in crowded areas where avatars gather.

Libra Rez day 24th September - 23rd October
You seem to have let others walk all over you of late, remember Libra is a Cardinal sign, and  you don't have to take orders form anyone, but be careful if  you launch a verbal assault  it could be  you that ends  up on the naughty step  or worse  the dreaded ban  list.

Scorpio Rez day 24th October - 22nd  November
As Mercury turns direct in  the most dynamic area of  your chart today, you must go out  of  your way to dance with somebody new, a fresh new couples dance awaits you  in a spinning  heart.

Capricorn Rez day 22nd December- 20th January
You have  been working so  hard  of  late, and now  is  the time to shine as all your hard work pays  off, new beginnings fresh new starts all await you, you will find new venues opening that are right  up your street, filled  with  like minded people, who will simply adore you.

Pisces Rez day 20th February - 20th  March
As  the sun leaves  your birth sign  you will realise  you have come to  the end  of  the sim, in regards  to a certain  project, it may be painful to let go, but  hop on a bus and  let it drive you to a new area you have yet to explore.

I'll see you next time for more fun and  frolics in  LONDON CITY...accept no  imitations xxx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxxx

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