Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Fabulous Weekend Review 22nd -24th March

Hello  there London City  peeps, how you doing?
What's  with  this snow? It's like living  in Narnia....

The Sun, anyone remember what  that is? .... I've heard  rumours, it's like a big ball  of  fire  in  the sky.... I wonder  if  we will ever get to see  it ? .... Still all the more reason  to wrap  up warm, login to SL and  join us  in  the number 1 location on  the grid... LONDON CITY yay !!!

So, what can  you expect from virtual  London.... The Hustle and Bustle of a hugely successful sim...People from all  over  the globe...Top Events and  The BEST Entertainment available anywhere... and all for free...London City  IS Second  Life.

Sit back and relax  as  I take  you  on a leisurely tour of  last weekend in  The top Destination.

What ever  your taste  or preference, London City  ( just  like  RL London) truly has  it all...  running  like a well oiled machine, that when  you land here, you will understand  why WE are  top of  the charts  when it comes  to fun and  the best  virtual experience you can  have.

In  London City we love nothing  more than  bringing you new and exciting venues, that cater for everyone, Sunday saw  the opening  of  our  new  lesbian hang-out "Dykes on Bikes" here  the ladies are  invited to come along, with great music and chat, there is even a chance to earn while you enjoy yourself , by dancing  on  the tables...what a hoot.
With a diner feel, its a great place for  like minded  girls to get  together and chill-out.

If you love  your  music, Bar Soho  is  the place to go, teamed with a great atmosphere, friendly people, and London's finest Dj's, its sure to tick all the boxes.

Like saucy Adult fun? .... no problem, get down The Crown, situated in Victoria, one of our adult regions, always busy with people looking for "no strings" action. Hosting some rather riske events daily, its a real  giggle and a must see :).

Not your thing? never fear we have  loads of places  you can go...like Substation.... a place to wind down and relax, playing a mix of retro tunes, and  fun events, found  in Soho, just off the hub.

Or, how about  Juiced, a chameleon club, where  the d├ęcor changes daily for every event, always  one to puss  the boat out, the events are fun and totally different to anywhere else  in Second  Life... another 1st for London City . This week we celebrated  the Spring Equinox, we also  had  the  LCTV cameras  in, for our  strictly dancing  night, plus an urban skateboard park, and  a very relaxing  Japanese Tai chi event.

maybe  you  like  cheeky tongue  in cheek  banter, where great  music is played, look no further  than  Madame  Lala's, open  Friday night and  Sunday where  Bailey plays  the best in easy  listening  to ease  you  into  the day.

or maybe you'd  like to turn you hand to  bingo,  a pub quiz or two at The Worlds End  pub, typical British Pub, a place to call your  local, fun, friendly and totally mad, what more could  need.

Not only ALL that, we host a LIVE  event  in every Saturday, in Regents  Park.

Saturday saw  Rod Stewart  in concert, all concerts are  totally free to attend, but make sure you arrive early as  this event reaches capacity very quickly.

As it did on Saturday, Roderick David "Rod" Stewart, CBE (born 10 January 1945...born and raised in North London.

Rod has a distinctive raspy singing voice, which always woo's the ladies.
Selling over 100 million records worldwide, it makes  him one of the best selling artists of all time.

 So we were  thrilled he joined us  for a wild and fantastic show, we ran a best  in animal print along side where a lucky resident had  the chance to win a huge amount of  linden dollars.

Looking hotter than ever in his signature leopard print tight trousers, Rod wiggled his way through all his top hits.
 He sure  knows  how to  move it, exciting all the ladies  in the audience.
Many offers  of meeting  him later after  the show were hurled around.

Singing a huge array of his hits, Rod took to the stage and entertained us for an hour and a half, everyone singing along to his hits like "Sailing", "Maggie  May", "Do You Think I'm Sexy", "Your're In My Heart" and  many, many  more.

Everyone had a great  time, and  looking forward to  next weeks  concert, we have  The Spice Girls   here  in Regents  Park Easter  Sunday, so be sure to join  us....

That's all from  me  this week, it's been truly a fantabulous week here  in  London  City, I hope to see you around for more fun and frolics xxx

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxxx

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