Thursday, July 17, 2014

London City - First Legal Sploder in full compliance with Skills Gaming Rules

London City presents The first totally legal sploder, fully compliant with the new Skills Gaming Rules.

The beloved sploder, even those that rely entirely on skill, are about to be outlawed throughout Second Life, except on Skill Gaming Regions.

So even little clubs paying tiny amounts of money into sploders will eventually get a visit from the fun police, also known as the Second Life Governance Team, once this new rule comes into effect on 1st August.

The problem is that if you allow anyone to pay anything, even 1 linden into a machine that rewards or pays a prize, then the device in question is classed as a Skills Game and for that, you have to apply for a licence.  

Whether or not Linden Lab will pursue little fun things like a sploder is not known at this time, but you can bet your life that if someone puts in a complaint that a skills sploder has failed to pay them, in a non skills region, the lab will take a peek.

London City has created Second Life's first completely legal sploder under the new rules.  It works on a simple principle, it does not permit anyone to pay into it.

The cash prize in our sploder is paid for by us and all the resident has to do is click it for a chance to win.   After the given random period, the sploder counts down just like before and it splits the pot between 4 random people who have joined the game.   For added security it includes an anti-idling device to prevent people clicking, then going away for an extended period.   When the winner is chosen, the prize must be claimed by clicking the sploder again.  Cheeky huh?   Click it too many times when it is not due to pay and it will treat you as a bot and remove you from the pay list.

We think we have it covered and we hope you will enjoy our Free to enter sploder, the successor to our now outlawed Linden Dollarbie Sploder which charged a whole linden for you to join.. and even though it paid you back a minimum of 3L it will eventually fall foul of Skills Gaming rules.

Dearie me.  Here's to circumvention and here's to Second Life's first totally legal Sploder under the new Skills Gaming rules!

See it in action at the concert on Saturday.

London City - We are the Joneses.

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