Thursday, July 31, 2014

Visit London City Airport

The London City Airport is a real life airport located in the former Docklands Site.

The airport has a single 1500 meter runway and was designed for small aircraft, short domestic flights to the UK, then later, Paris and Amsterdam.

Although the airport opened it 1988, many carriers did not use it as pricing was considered prohibitive and the limitations on the types of planes that could use the airport made it restrictive.

In 2009 British Airways began their first transatlantic flights to New York and London City Airport  began to enjoy immense success, handling over 4 million passengers per year.

You can now take to the skies from London City Airport in London City2 in a Piper PA 28 Cherokee plane and fly yourself anywhere you like within the London City Estate.

The controls should be easy enough to handle,  Left and Right makes you go... left and right, and up and down with adjust your pitch and yaw.  Page up and Page down control the thrust.

It may take you a couple of attempts to get airborne successfully, but don't worry if you crash into the drink.  The rezzer will make a nice new plane for you!

Visit London City Airport here:

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