Friday, May 20, 2011

ABBA today!

Hi Pals, it's your old mate Regent here on the blog thing.

Now, listen up, cos we've got some top notch entertainment this weekend that will have you squealing for more when we're done.

First up today at 12 noon, my ex bird, Tayla Tigerfish is playing her vinyl in Bar Soho and will be running some competition where you can win some dosh for the weekend.

Then, the main event today is ABBA in Madame Lala's in the West End sim.

Madame Lala and her nancy's will be playing Top Tunes, CampAttack, Refurbed disco and more from 2pm PDT and ABBA will be on stage from 3pm singing all them old songs that made them famous, whilst we all bop to the tunes.

Adequate parking for all, but watch my Morris Ital out front please, cos last week some bugger scratched it up.

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