Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mainland London Zoo - Update

The construction of habitats at The London Zoo continues with five completed exhibit spaces!

 First on the list is the Flamingo Habitat. These majestic birds will be right at home amoungst the palms and feeding is made easy in the estuary. Along with flamingos this area will also be home to pellicans and other water fowl.
 The Aviary will become the new home to exotic birds of all species. Sparrows, Finches, Parrots and Love Birds are just a few of the lovely creatures making The Aviary a must see stop at the zoo.
The rainforest habitat, 'Gorilla's in the Mist' , will be the new home to gorillas and monkeys. These playful animals will have plenty of space to display their antics while visitors remain safely outside the habitat.
 Into Africa has been completed and will house all the big cats such as lions and leopards. Watch carefully as you may see a cheeta dash across the savanna.

The next exhibit to complete is the Giraffe House, home to Geoffrey the Giraffe! Visitors will be able to visit Geoffrey and the other giraffes in this replica of the real zoo habitat. Dont forget to get your FREE Geoffrey the Giraffe plush toy!

There are many plans and suprises in store for visitors to The London Zoo, watch this blog for updates on more habitats as they complete as well as events and displays.

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