Monday, May 30, 2011

A London Community

Sunday in Mainland London turned out to be a day when everyone got to know each other a little better. 

It began outside the Curzon Cinema with a well attended race on our rezzer mopeds.  This time the track was a little more tricky as there was a ramp to jump.   Given than the bikes tend to topple over, our racers had to know when to throttle back and when to apply some welly!

Congratulations to Loulou for winning the first race and Yazoo for winning the second.  Such skill!

It just so happened that after the races were over, the Star and Garter pub was opening and with lots of people standing in the street, someone thought the best way to get everyone over to the pub was by coach.. so we travelled in style...

The coach arriving in the Pub!
And in the pub we stayed, for hours and hours.  With rain running down the windows and a terrible storm outside,  25 of us sitting there, chatting and laughing about various things from 8pm in the evening UK until gone midnight.  Every so often another person would wander in and tell us their story of how they came to be in Second Life and what they want to achieve here.

As the evening progressed, we had a pub quiz to name the celebrity from some particularly unflattering, but amusing pictures, then watched some films, including a Sherlock Homes  movie, "Dressed To Kill" and Arthur Askey in a comedy horror, "The Ghost Train".   When I say watch, we actually picked them to pieces, but it was extremely good fun.

This was pretty much an impromptu evening and made a real change from parties, as a group of people shared an evening in the pub, really talking with each other and getting to know one another that little bit more.

Although the clubs were open everywhere else in Mainland London, this group stayed put and carried on chatting and putting the world to rights.

Pulling the pints: The Lovely Fanny.
We eventually decided to put our tired bones to bed, but felt enormously satisfied in knowing that Mainland London has an established community of people who want to be involved with the day to day activities here, but more importantly, want to be involved with each other.

A special mention to Revanche, Scarlett and Heather, who all started their Second Live's here in Mainland London, then gradually started helping over the weeks and have now become team members helping to put on shows, club and sim events.  

We are so proud of the community that has formed around these sims and feel enormously honoured that so many people are now involved in helping Mainland London go from strength to strength.

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