Saturday, July 27, 2013

DEAD ROAD - The World Premier on Sunday

London City in Second Life presents the World Premiere of Dead Road, a Second Life Film.

Dead Road is the story of a terminally ill woman (Zarah Minx) and her doctor (Felix Bunkenstein) desperately seeking salvation in a crumbling, apocalyptic world.

Pursued by a deadly assassin and hunted by a ruthless vampire clan, Zarah and Felix fight their way to a better place in a sexy, action packed roller coaster of gratuitous violence and intrigue, a tribute to the grindhouse/exploitation genre and its revivalist film makers.

Written and Directed by Bunky Snowbear (Dr. Noob, Griefbusters) and starring London City’s Evie Falconer, Dana Luckless and a cast of familiar locals, Dead Road will change your perceptions of Second Life machinima.

London City in Second Life will be hosting the World Premiere of Dead Road at Comptons Pub on Sunday 28th July 2013 at 7amSLT (3pm UK time).

Everyone is  welcome, so frock up and come along to be among the first people on the planet to see it! (refreshments available at the bar)

Comptons Pub is located here:

To view Cinema Minima’s previous Second Life films, please visit the Vimeo page at

Dead Road (Official Trailer)

DEAD ROAD - Sex, Antivirals & Rock'n'Roll (TRAILER) from Cinema Minima on Vimeo.

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