Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Fabulous London City Review

~WoooHooo  The weather today  in  London  City is Scorchio!!!! and  the forecast for  the rest of  the week Scorchio!!!!
You  know  what  that means  don't  you ? ...dare I even  say  .....

..... I'll whisper  so as  not to jinx it  .....
It's  summer time ...yayayayay at last..... and  never  one to pass up on a party,  I  joined  everyone  in Regents park  on Saturday  for  one  of  the famous  LIVE  outdoor  concerts.

Regents  Park  had  been  transformed  into an  Oasis right in the centre  of  town,

Sun ,  Sea  and  Sand what more could  you ask  for.... Live  music you say?,  well we had  the covered too.

You wouldn't believe who  joined  us  to sing  a vast array  of  his  top  hits .... Born in 1947,  David  Robert  Jones  ( no relation ) he's an  English  musician, actor, songwriter and  producer, he has  been a major  figure  in  popular  music  for  the last  four decades. Well  known  for  his  distinctive  voice and  intellectual depth...any ideas  yet?
What  if  I said  "Starman"? "Lets Dance"? come  on  you must  know.... that's  right!!!.....

We had  the  one,  the  only  David  Bowie  in  concert....how awesome .....Born  in  Brixton,  Bowie played  to  a full Park, the  roar  of  the crowd welcoming him.

To say  people  were enjoying  themselves  is  a huge  understatement.

Bikini clad  bodies,  wooo everyone  looked  hot  in more  ways  than  one....people  could cool down  with a fruity cocktail at the bar  ( that's where I was  most  of  the  night  ... hic ... let  me just  say Billy  makes  the  best  prim  Margaritas, EVER)

No that's  not  foxy bingo

A quick  paddle  in  the pool, whilst singing to  "All  The Young Dudes" where else  could  you do  that for  FREE too....See ,  this is why  London  City is  the top  destination  in  Second  Life, diversity,
excitement, fun, unique,everyone  LOVES London  City and  it shows....record amount of visitors.

We have so  many  summer related  events  coming  up, don't miss  out, make sure  you  join us .

well that's  all from  me  this week, I'll see  you next time  for  more fun and  frolics  in  the  number 1 destination... London City....accept no  imitations...

Roving Reporter  Ruby xxxx

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