Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We're Not Half Baked at London City

London City Estate has just got Server Side Baking. 

So, is this the biggest over-hyped sensation since the Millennium Dome, The Emperors New Clothing and Mesh Graphics... or one of the modern miracles that offers the solution to those horrid Ruth's and that sodding gesture about seeing grey people?

We've only just got it, so anything is possible.. but behind the scenes we did a lot of testing and we're hoping that the literally thousands of you who visit us every day get to see each other a lot quicker, even if everything else takes its usual time.

Nikolish viewed on Singularity SSB
Apparently if you clear your cache, logon and go make a coffee it is truly spectacular.

Check out Nikolish here, rendered in quite nicely :)  He's a photographer with a gallery and store in London City.  See his superb work by visiting here:

London City - Most Popular Destination in Second Life

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